3M™ Replacement Fluids Available Here!

As you may know, 3M™ is phasing out production of their Specialty Fluids by the end 2025. Now is the time to procure replacements to solidify your supply chain. TMC offers multiple drop in replacement, and equivalent fluids to meet your needs.

Many of TMC's replacement solvents have passed 3rd party laboratory testing adhering to current regulations, and have already been qualified/specified with the largest manufacturers, equipment makers, and producers in the semiconductor/electronics, medical, and aerospace industries. Contact us today for an expert consultation on which product best fits your needs. 

3M™ Replacement Table:

FC-40  TMC-40 / AD-40 / XP-68
FC-43 TMC-43E
Novec™ 71DE TMC-367E / Opteon SF79 / Opteon SF80
FC-72 Flutec PP1
Novec™ 72DA Opteon SF79 / Opteon SF80
Novec™ 72DE Opteon SF79 / Opteon SF80
Novec™ 73DE TMC HFE-377E
Novec™ 649 TMC-1230
FC-770 Galden HT-110
Novec™ 1230 TMC-1230
FC-3283 TMC-3283 / TMC-3283E / AD-3283 / XP-3288
Novec™ 7000 Opteon SF33
Novec™ 7100 TMC-7100 / TMC HFE-347E / AD-7100 / PFE-10
Novec™ 7200 TMC-7200  / AD-7200 / PFE-20
Novec™ 7300 TMC-7300E
Novec™ 7500 TMC-7500 / AD-7500 / PFE-50