• Fluid reclamation provides significant savings over the cost of new fluid and helps protect the environment by drastically reducing your waste stream.
  • Reclamation restores inert PFPE and silicone fluids to their original state at about one-third the cost of new fluids.
  • Fluids can be reclaimed and reused many times to gain greater cost efficiencies. Under most conditions, you can expect 85-90% of the contaminated fluid to return to like-new quality. Customers often ask that we add virgin material to return the same quantity sent in for reclamation.
  • Reclamation reduces your hazardous waste disposal, ensures proper management of used fluids, and achieves better environmental stewardship. TMC Industries properly disposes of all contaminants.
  • Combined with your preventative maintenance program, using reclaimed fluids can decrease downtime on equipment and significantly reduce your MRO cost.



TMC Industries reclaims your contaminated fluids to their original state and purity and returns them to you at about one-third the cost of replacing them with new fluids.

Item Estimated Disposal Cost Paid By
55 Gallon Drum $845 - $3,000 TMC
30 Gallon Drum $625 - $1,500 TMC
Waste Profile $75 - $150 TMC
Fuel Surcharge $10 - $20 TMC
NOTE: TMC will cover the cost of returning 30 or more gallons of their fluids.  However, if the returned quantity is less than 30 gallons, the customer will be responsible for all related expenses. The costs will be determined based on the quantity and profile of the fluid.


Which Oils, Solvents, and Specialty Fluids Can be Reclaimed?

Our oil reclamation process safely recovers all inert and semi-inert vacuum pump fluids, diffusion pump fluids, oils and many other fluids including:

  • All TMC™ fluids. 
  • 3M™ Novec™ 7100, 7200, 7500, 7700 any of the DA, DE versions
  • 3M Fluorinert™ FC-72, FC-77, FC-770, FC-3283, FC-40, FC-43, FC-70
  • Solvay Galden® HT55, HT70, HT80, HT110, HT135, HT170, HT200, HT230, HT270
  • Solvay Galden DET, D02, D02-TS, D03, D05
  • Solvay Fomblin®­­ Y06/6, 14/6, 16/6, 25/6 PFPE vacuum pump oils
  • Chemours Krytox™ 1506, 1514, 1525 PFPE vacuum pump oils
  • Chemours Vertrel™ XF, XP, XE, XM, MCA, SMT, MCA+, SFR, SDG
  • CTFE oils – HaloVac® H190, H125, H100, & H27
  • Silicone Diffusion Pump Oils – DC-702, DC-704, & DC-705 and equivalents
  • Convoil 20 oil
  • LENIUM FHD Vapor Degreasing Solvent



We guarantee our reclaimed oils and reclaimed solvents to have like new qualities and performance capabilities. To support our confidence, pre- and post-processing analytical data accompanies each shipment.  COA provided on all reclaim jobs.