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Solvent Cleaners

Krytox™ and CHRISTO-LUBE® fluorinated oils and greases are completely resistant to organic solvents. Because of this, the cleanup of these and other brands of PFPE oils and greases requires special cleaning solvents.

The products below are highly effective, fluorinated cleaning solvents, designed to remove all grades of Krytox™ and other PFPE oils & greases and safe for all plastics, metals, and elastomers.

They are environmentally responsible, fluorinated cleaning solvents that are clear, colorless, chemically stable, fast evaporating, "ozone-safe" and non-flammable. Use Vertrel™ XF or TMC's solvent cleaner for cleaning Krytox™ and other PFPE oils and greases. For cleaning a combination of PFPE and hydrocarbon, use Vertrel™ MCA.

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