Hydraulic Oil – TMC Industries, Inc.

Hydraulic Oil


Full synthetic hydraulic oil engineered with a high viscosity index for all-season use in cold and hot weather.



  • Excellent extreme-temperature properties reduce the need for seasonal oil changes
  • Zinc-based anti-wear system protects vane, gear, and piston pumps
  • Strong varnish-control properties improve system reliability
  • High VI improves the likelihood of product consolidation
  • Helps extend filter life
  • Designed to reduce seal and hose leaks
  • Resists foam to help eliminate sponginess
  • Resists electrical conductivity (dielectric strength > 35kv)


Cross to: Mobil SHC 524, Shell S2 V 32, Royal Purple Syndraulic 32 and Petro Canada Hydrex MV 32, Mobil SHC 525, Shell S2 V 46, Royal Purple Syndraulic 46 and Petro Canada Hydrex MV 46

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