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Vacuum Pump Fluids

TMC Industries offers a broad line of new and reclaimed industrial vacuum pump oils and diffusion pump fluids. We also can reclaim your used, contaminated fluids, restoring them to original state with exceptionally high yields, thus saving you money while eliminating hazardous waste disposal. 

TMC 19 and TMC 20 hydrocarbon pump oils are laboratory tested and proven to be superior to many other competitive brands. TMC 19 hydrocarbon oil offers superior molecular weight, higher viscosity index, and higher purity to perform reliably in many high vacuum environments. TMC 20 is a severely hydro-treated paraffinic oil that is double distilled through a molecular distillation process to remove light end fractions.

TMC 704 silicone diffusion pump fluid is single component, tetramethyl tetraphenyl trisiloxane, clear fluid developed for deep vacuum levels of 10-6 torr (untrapped) and 10-8 torr (trapped). TMC 704 is chemically equivalent to Dow Corning® DC-704.  TMC 704 diffusion pump fluid is used by many aerospace, optical coating, glass, and vacuum heat-treating companies.

TMC 705 silicone diffusion pump fluid is single component, pentaphenyl trimethyl trisiloxane, clear fluid developed for use in ultra-high vacuum levels of 10-9 torr (untrapped) and 10-11 torr (trapped). TMC 705 is superior to other diffusion pump fluids that are blends.

TMC-705 performs well in high purity metalizing applications where quick pump-down is needed, as well as thermal, radiation and chemical stability.  Because of its low vapor pressure, TMC-705 can reduce the chances of contamination in untrapped systems by a factor of 100 or more compared to TMC-704 and other fluids. The vapor pressure is so low, that deepest vacuum levels can be obtained with water-cooled baffles alone.

TMC 25 is a full synthetic hydrocarbon fluid put through a high vacuum molecular distillation process to further remove light end fractions and contains a high strength anti-oxidation package to provide superior properties to other competitive brand products. Its chemical structure exhibits a very low pour point and a very high molecular index and weight. These properties provide start-up ability in very cold temperatures, excellent resistance to oxidation and extremely low backstreaming tendencies. Being free of all reactive elements found in hydrocarbon oils TMC 25 also exhibits excellent resistance to chemical attack. This product is engineered for use in medium to large vane pumps and may also be used in Leybold blowers.

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