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Krytox™ GPL Series




 Krytox GPL Delivers Performance. 

Oxygen-safe Krytox oils and greases combine stability, high-temperature performance, non-flammability, and chemical inertness with outstanding lubrication under a variety of conditions.

GPL 200–207: white buttery greases with all of the same properties as the GPL 100–107 oils that they are made from, but they are in grease form.

GPL 210–217: black greases that contain 5% molybdenum disulfide added as an extreme pressure additive for highly loaded gears and bearings.

GPL 220–227: white anticorrosion greases that contain 2% sodium nitrite. These grades provide rust protection at ambient temperatures, corrosion protection at high temperatures, and anti-wear protection.

Technical Datasheet

Safety Data Sheet

Temp. & Viscosity Range Chart

Automotive Applications

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