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Custom Distillation Services


Marine Oils

Molecular Distillation selectively concentrates the key fatty acids while removing unwanted impurities, such as PCBs, mercury and other toxins from fish and other marine oils while maintaining >98% of the vitamins A, D and E. Through our process we gently accomplish deodorization, purification and concentration of valuable DHA / EPA Omega-3 fatty acids without thermal degradation. 

Case Study - Marine Oils


Essential Oils

Using centrifugal molecular distillation or in combinations with fractional distillation we can purify many of your products. We have experience with a number of essential oils, both solids and liquids at room temperature. Our process removes pesticides, making your product purer and safer. Eliminate any unwanted components and maintain the purity, color and fragrance you desire.

Case Study - Essential Oils

Case Study - Hops Oil


Flavors and Food Colorants

Remove traces of pesticides used in the growing process, while maintaining the valuable natural components. TMC's short-path, thin-film vacuum separation process provides a gentle and proven method of purifying and fractionating. Many natural oils can be separated using molecular distillation without danger of oxidation decomposition to provide the highest quality products available.

Case Study - Food Color


Molecular distillation of cosmetic raw materials or intermediates adds value to your products, such as meadow foam oil and citrus waxes, by removing undesirable odors, color, impurities, etc. This can be accomplished without thermal degradation of your heat-sensitive materials.


Specialty Chemicals

Your chemicals polymerize or react at normal distillation temperatures and pressures. Using TMC's molecular distillation process, the most sensitive of materials will not undergo change and separation can be done efficiently and economically. Purities are checked on our GC or UV-VIS analytical equipment for the utmost control of quality.

Case Study - Silicones

Resins and Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils and resins can be purified on our short path distillation equipment. We can remove odor, reaction by-products and colors to provide the best product attainable. TMC has worked with silicones, perfluoropolyethers, chlorotrifluoroethylenes, polyols, epoxy resins and many other natural and synthetic polymers.

Wax Products

Normally waxes are difficult to distill as they are solids at room temperatures and distill at high temperatures, which can be a problem unless the residence time is of short duration. TMC has distilled many wax products and are experienced in the processing of both low and high temperature wax products using molecular distillation.

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