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Hydrocarbon Pump Oils

Our hydrocarbon pump fluid products include the TMC 19, TMC 20, TMC 25.  Our hydrocarbon pump oil is laboratory tested to be superior to many other competitive brands.  Our hydrocarbon oils offer superior molecular weight, higher viscosity index and higher purity to perform reliably in many high vacuum environments.

We had an independent testing laboratory perform a modified RBOT D-2272 test to determine the oxidative stability of TMC 19 compared to Inland 19.  This test employs a method to achieve rapid oxidation of the lubricant tested and then measure the degradation characteristics of the oil.  In the test results below you will see that even though the TMC 19 lasted longer than Inland 19, it also exhibited less viscosity change and less sediment weight at the conclusion of the test.

                                                              TMC 19                      Inland 19

Total min. to destruction                            40                               35

Viscosity changes @ 40 °C                        +9.18                            +13.98%

Sediment weight                                             31.7 mg                          41.3 mg

                                                            TMC 19 IS CLEARLY THE BETTER HYDROCARBON OIL

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