valves & o-rings in oxygen service 
LOX pump bearing housings 
gyroscope fluid 
fuel pumps 
hydraulic fuel valves 
actuation & control systems


CV Joints 
anti-lock braking systems 
fuel pumps 
wheel bearings 
alternator bearings 
spark plug boots & threads 
universal joints 
rear axle drive flange 
weather stripping

Chemical Manufacturing
(oxidizers, explosives, caustics, corrosives)

control valves 
stopcocks, ground glass joints 
pressure relief valves 
induced draft fan bearings 
pumps in chlorine service 
seals, o-rings in storage tanks 
reactor agitator shaft seals 
stack emission control valves 
knife gate valves, sulfuric acid mfr. 
particle sifter gyrator 
metering pumps 
plug valves, corrosive chemical service 
slide valves, gearboxes

Clean Rooms

valves & bearings 
overhead conveyor systems


rack & pinion disk drives 
laser/compact disks 
electric motor bearings 
plasma etch systems 
electroplating equipment 
wave soldering machines 
clean room equipment 
wafer processing equipment

Fire Safety

SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) 
sprinkler systems - valves, o-rings 
fire detectors 
deluge valve systems

Food Processing & Packaging

bearings, chains & gear boxes 
high temperature fans & ovens 
vacuum pumps & valves

Foundries / Metal Manufacturing

pump shaft bearings 
hot roll bearings 
plug valves 
stack emission control valves 
electric arc furnaces

Copiers and Laser Printers
                fuser rollers 

Oil / Petrochemicals

down-hole drilling equipment 
emission control valves 
pipeline inspection equipment 
camshaft bearings - inlet control valves 
line system valves


laser optics 
vacuum chamber thrust bearings 
optical stage equipment 
laser positioning gears 
sputtered coatings

Oven Conveyor Systems

kiln car bearings, trolley bearing assemblies

Oxygen Service

                valves & o-rings

Paper & Pulp Manufacturing

single facer corrugating machines 
sodium hypochlorite bleach-valve stem 
through-air drying equipment 
hot oil unions

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Plastics Manufacturing

blow & fill rotator bearings 
gear pumps, extrusion lines 
heated roll bearings 
injection molding equipment

Power Generation

high temperature bearings & valves 
electric submersible equipment 
pillow block bearings on fan coil units 
control rod drive mechanisms 
inlet control valves 
turbine cam follower roller bearings 
sump pump bearings 
steam turbine governor 
sootblower carriage bearings and gears 
hydro grate stoker 
damper bearings 
steam and other high temperature valves 
knife gate valves 
fan bearings 
gas turbine trunnion bearing 
steam turbine governor 
radiation resistant lubricant 
switchgear electrical contacts

Textile Manufacturing

extruding lines 
dye machines 
needle looms 
separator roll & pillow block bearings

Vacuum Systems

light bulb manufacturing 
electrostatic ion beam systems 
metal deposition

Water Treatment

co-deck rotary union 
chlorine whips 
ozone cells, diaphragm housing sealant 
water immersed valves & bearings




Krytox® GPL 206 and GPL 226 are designed to meet the requirements of most applications. Other grades are designed for specific industry applications.


Krytox® Product

Valves: plug, ball, and release

GPL 206 or 226

Oxygen equipment valves

GPL 206 or 240 AC (Mil-Spec)

LOX pump bearing housings

GPL 103

Automotive: CV joints & wheel bearings

GPL 215

Axle & drive plates

GPL 217

Seals and Gaskets

GPL 205 or 206

Weather stripping

GPL 105

Alternator needle bearings

GPL 226 or 283 AC

Anti-lock braking systems

GPL 223

Single facer corrugating machines

Corrugator 226 FG or 227 FG

High temperature bearings

Copier fuser rollers


GPL 206

 Competitive Product Cross Reference Chart



Meats MIL-PRF-27617 Type I                        Krytox® 240 AZ

Meats MIL-PRF-27617 Type II                        Krytox® 240 AB

Meats MIL-PRF-27617 Type III                       Krytox® 240 AC

Meats SM-C-806563                                     Krytox® 240 AD



NSF H-1 Food Grade certified:                      Krytox® FG series (now discontinued)

                                                                      GPL 202

                                                                      GPL 203

                                                                      GPL 205

                                                                      GPL 206

                                                                      GPL 223

                                                                      GPL 225

                                                                      GPL 226




                                                                      GPL 105



                                                                      VPF 1506

                                                                      VPF 1514

                                                                      VPF 1525

All other Krytox® lubricants are NSF H-2 rated for non-food contact