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Production Stills

Centrifugal Molecular Distillation
36" Macro Stills

Following an initial pilot process, production is scaled up using one or more of our Macro-36 centrifugal molecular stills (CMS). These are short-path, thin-film stills, each capable of processing up to 400 lbs. of material per hour. Using a 7 square foot evaporating surface and achieving a vacuum of 5-10 microns, they give us the following advantages over conventional processing:

  • Efficient production processing with high yields
  • Low temperature distillation minimizing thermal degradation
  • Ultra-short residence time
  • Removal of color bodies
  • Removal of odor fractions
  • Removal of pesticides and other other toxins
  • Reduction of acid values in ester distillation
  • Removal of reactant components to improve shelf life
Our distillation services offer you a quick turnaround of your materials, at an affordable price and with no capital outlay on your part.

Call us today to talk with one of our tolling specialists and learn more about how our distillation service and capabilities can refine, purify and add value to your products - 800-772-8179 / 952-442-1140.

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