nPB and TCE Replacement Options for Vapor Degreasing

May 03, 2021
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n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) and Trichlorethylene (TCE) are commonly used, effective vapor degreasing solvents. The EPA completed the final risk evaluation for TCE under amended TSCA in November 2020. The final risk evaluation for TCE determined that there are unreasonable risks to workers, occupational non-users, consumers, and bystanders for 52 out of 54 conditions of use, including vapor degreasing.

In August of 2020, the EPA found unreasonable risks to human health from 16 out of 25 conditions of use of 1-BP (nPB), including vapor degreasing. nPB and TCE are toxic fluids that should be replaced,

Chemours has developed industrial cleaning solvents that are drop in replacements for TCE and nPB in vapor degreasing and ultrasonic applications. Opteon SF79 and Vertrel SDG are high solvency, low toxicity (200 PPM OEL 8 hr. shift), nonflammable, and low GWP alternatives. Unlike nPB and TCE, their usage is not reportable to the EPA.

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--Updated 5/22/2021--

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