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Ambient Temperature PFPE Greases

Ambient Temp. PFPE Greases

DuPont™ Essential AT and ATA are clean, white, fluorinated greases made from PFPE oil and PTFE thickeners. They have been formulated for use in cold to ambient conditions. These greases are nonreactive, nonflammable, and completely safe in chemical service, including acids, chlorine, and oxygen. 

Essential AT grease has no additives and is recommended for use as a valve and a seal lubricant for O-rings and as a valve packing. Essential ATA grease contains an antirust additive and is recommended for use in bearings with relubrication.

Useful Temperature Range

° C

° F

Bearings w/ relubrication

-51° to 104°

-60° to 220°

Seals and Valves

-51° to 121°

-60° to 250°

Product Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

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